Spring break is over, but quarantine continues. Looking for more activities for your kids? Try out these heritage-focused activities! For more learning opportunities, check out our education page, our app, or our podcast!

Want to supplement your child’s learning? Have them complete part or all of this learning plan for third graders!

Get out in your backyard and gather up wild violets to make this easy sugar syrup! Add it to lemonade for a special treat, or freeze it in an ice cream churn for a springy sorbet!

Help make history. Conduct an oral history with your kids–have them interview you or each other! Or contribute to our crowd-sourced oral history project on COVID-19!

Try weaving using found objects from your own backyard!

Looking for a more mellow activity? Print out these Foxfire-inspired coloring sheets.

Still wanting more? Check out our earlier post full of hands-on activities for kids.


~Kami Ahrens, Assistant Curator