Heritage Education Programs

FIELD TRIPS: Foxfire welcomes learning groups of all ages! Contact us to schedule a guided tour with a museum staff member. Tours include an overview of the organization, a history of Appalachian life, and presentations from available craft specialists, such as blacksmithing or weaving. Full or half-day tours are available. Contact curator@foxfire.org or asstcurator@foxfire.org for rates and more information.

While the museum is open year-round, school tours are recommended for February-November.

SCOUT GROUPS: Foxfire is developing a scout program that meets badge requirements for both the Girl Scouts-USA and the Boy Scouts of America programs. Troops can contact Foxfire to arrange full-day workshops designed for a specific badge. Girl Scout troops Cadette-level or higher and Boy Scout troops 6th grade and above can also earn Foxfire patches. Patches are earned through a workshop that focuses on introductory skills for various heritage crafts. Workshops can be arranged based on troops interests and needs. Each workshop will be led by a specialist in the field and scouts will have the opportunity to try the crafts themselves. Contact asstcurator@foxfire.org or curator@foxfire.org for rates and information.

Foxfire Approach

The Foxfire approach to teaching and learning is neither a method nor a prescription. The approach marries teacher guidance with student choice as a foundation for better learning. In this way, the first Foxfire classrooms were less about the magazine than they were about choosing to produce one.

Foxfire is an approach to professional development for educators that stresses student choice and accountability for learning. The original Foxfire classroom model injected student choice into the curriculum to enhance the learning experience, reinforce key concepts, and create a shared responsibility for the educational outcome. Working together, teachers and students decide how students want to learn and apply rigorous and ongoing assessment to their progress.

Over time, and as a result of extensive study and research, practicing educators and Foxfire staff have expanded the basic approach to include 10 Foxfire Core Practices for Education.

The Foxfire Approach to Teaching

We are currently redeveloping the our approach to teacher education. Please stay tuned for new opportunities to experience the Foxfire Approach to Teaching and Learning.

Materials for Educators

Foxfire has compiled a wealth of useful material for educators. For a complete listing of available materials, visit our shop.

Carl Glickman (cglick@uga.edu) is university professor emeritus of education, University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. He is a
member of the board of the nonprofit Foxfire Fund, Inc. Carl has written two informative articles on Foxfire Education that can be read by clicking the buttons below.