Heritage Education Programs

Foxfire is currently not scheduling any field trips or guided tours for 2020 due to COVID-19. We are currently developing digital materials for classroom or at-home learning. If you are interested in learning more, please email asstcurator@foxfire.org  for more information. These materials will be available September 2020. Please note, the museum is still open for self-guided tours, and we welcome groups up to 10 people.

FIELD TRIPS: Foxfire welcomes learning groups of all ages! Contact us for rates and more information.

While the museum is open year-round, school tours are recommended for February-November.

SCOUT GROUPS: Troops can contact Foxfire to arrange workshops that focus on introductory skills for various heritage crafts.  Contact asstcurator@foxfire.org or curator@foxfire.org for more information.

The Foxfire Approach

The Foxfire Approach to teaching and learning combines teacher guidance with student choice as a foundation for better learning. Foxfire is an approach to professional development for educators that stresses student choice and accountability for learning. The original Foxfire classroom model injected student choice into the curriculum to enhance the learning experience, reinforce key concepts, and create a shared responsibility for the educational outcome.

The Foxfire Approach is structured around 6 Core Practices: Choice, Collaboration, Connection, Climate, Critical Reflection, and Community. Learn more about these foundational values here.

The Foxfire Approach to Teaching Experiential Workshop

TBA–Coming 2021

We are currently redeveloping the our approach to teacher education. This three-day workshop will provide hands-on experiences for educators of all kinds to develop their own programs for the classroom.

*Please note, due to COVID-19, our 2020 workshop has been cancelled. 

Educator Resources

Looking for additional learning resources? Visit the page link below, check out Foxfire’s artifact collections, or listen to the new podcast “It Still Lives” for audio clips straight from our oral history archives!

Are you a parent or relative wanting to enhance your child’s visit to the Foxfire Museum & Heritage Center? Download and print our Activity Booklet, ideal for learners between 3rd and 5th grade!