Educator Resources

This page contains relevant resources for educators interested in expanding the learning experience for students who visit Foxfire, incorporating the Foxfire Approach into their classroom, or enriching their students’ understanding of Appalachian culture and history.

Core Curriculum

A visit to Foxfire is filled with hands-on exploration of the past that meets state academic standards. Students will receive an in-depth guided tour of the historic buildings that make up the eight-acre museum campus. With over twenty historic and replica log structures, Foxfire provides a tour through time, touching on the pioneer lifestyle of the early nineteenth century to the creation of the Foxfire magazine and books in the late twentieth century. Come learn how to do laundry with lye soap, forge a hook, make a broom, and spin wool! Foxfire also is home to the only known wagon still in existence that is associated with the Cherokee removal in the 1830s. For more information on academic standards met during a tour, explore our field trip brochure.

Materials for Educators

Looking to expand your learning experience inside the classroom? Download a lesson plan or guided activity!

You can also visit our recommended resources or check out some of the books from our suggested reading list to explore the culture and ecology of the region.

Foxfire has also compiled a wealth of useful material for educators. For a complete listing of available materials, visit our shop.

Foxfire Through Time

Learn about the history of Foxfire with this interactive timeline!