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Foxfire’s Appalachian Cookery revised edition –

From springhouse to smokehouse, from hearth to garden, Southern Appalachian foodways are celebrated afresh in this newly revised edition of The Foxfire Book of Appalachian Cookery. First published in 1984—one of the wildly popular Foxfire books drawn from a wealth of material gathered by Foxfire students—the volume combines hundreds of accessible, delectable recipes with the practical knowledge, wisdom, and delightful stories from folks who have cooked this way for generations. A tremendous resource for anyone interested in the footways of Southern Appalachia, it is now reimagined with today’s renewed interest in cultural foods in mind. This edition features new documentation, photographs, and recipes drawn from Foxfire’s extensive archives while maintaining all the reminiscences and sharp humor of the amazing people originally interviewed.

Appalachian-born chef Sean Brock contributes a passionate foreword to this edition, witnessing to the book’s spellbinding influence on him and its continued relevance. T. J. Smith, editor of the revised edition, provides a fascinating perspective on the book’s original creation and this revision. They invite you to join Foxfire for the first time or once again for a journey into the delicious world of wild foods, traditional favorites, and tastes found only in Southern Appalachia.

Foxfire’s Woodstove Cookery – A redesigned version of the Winter 1981 issue of The Foxfire Magazine – a special edition celebrating the days of cooking on wood-burning stoves. Foxfire students gathered this collection of over 100 recipes from the last generation of folks who grew up cooking on wood stoves, like the Dickersons of Wolffork Valley in the feature article. In true Foxfire tradition, the students continued to expand this project – ultimately creating The Foxfire Book of Appalachian Cookery.

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