Foxfire Book Bundle – Books 7-9


For a limited time, you can purchase books 7-9 at a reduced rate.  Save $9.05 by purchasing these 3 books together this bundle.  Set includes:

Foxfire 7 – This seventh volume celebrates the spiritual heritage of Appalachia, featuring sections on ministers and church members, from Baptists to Methodists to Pentecostals to Presbyterians, as well as revivals, baptisms, shaped-note and gospel singing, faith healing, camp meetings, foot washing, and snake handling.

Foxfire 8 – This eighth volume celebrates the artistic and skillful heritage of Appalachia, featuring sections on the Black Community in Appalachia, Southern folk pottery – from glazed snake jars to swirlware to flowerpots, pug mills, ash glazes, groundhog kilns, face jugs, churns, and roosters – and tales of mule swapping and chicken fighting, breeding, and conditioning.

Foxfire 9 – This ninth volume celebrates the crafts and heritage of Appalachia, featuring sections on the Judd Nelson wagon, crazy quilting, general stores, herbal remedies and home cures, herb doctors and healers, a praying rock, a Catawban Indian Potter, witchy and ghostly haint tales, and the log cabin revisited.

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