Foxfire Book Bundle – Books 4-6


For a limited time, you can purchase books 4-6 at a reduced rate.  Save $9.05 by purchasing these 3 books together this bundle.  Set includes:

Foxfire 4 – This fourth volume celebrates the home life and creative heritage of Appalachia, featuring sections on fiddle making, springhouses, horse trading, sassafras tea, berry buckets, knife making, wood carving, logging, cheese making, and gardening.

Foxfire 5 – This fifth volume celebrates the survival techniques and resourceful heritage of Appalachia, featuring sections on ironmaking, blacksmithing, horseshoes, cowbells, shovels, bellows, barrells, furnaces, flintlock rifles, and bear hunting.

Foxfire 6 – This sixth volume celebrates the playful and innovative heritage of Appalachia, featuring 100 toys and games, from bow and arrows to merry-go-rounds, flying jennys to puzzles, cornstalk fiddles to gourd banjos and song bows, and cucumber dolls, as well as wooden locks, shoemaking, and a water-powered sawmill.

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