Foxfire Book Bundle – Books 10-12


For a limited time, you can purchase books 10-12 at a reduced rate.  Save $9.05 by purchasing these 3 books together this bundle.  Set includes:

Foxfire 10 – This tenth volume celebrates the heritage and history of Appalachia, featuring sections on old folklore, the role of railroads in Appalachian communities, boarding houses, building and technology from the Depression to the present, chairmaking, whirligigs, snake canes, and gourd art.

Foxfire 11 – This eleventh volume celebrates the rituals and recipes of Appalachia, featuring sections on the old homeplace, wild plant uses, planting and growing a garden, preserving food – pickling, smoking, and salting, as well as beekeeping and making honey, hunting stories, fishing, and more affairs of plain living.

Foxfire 12 – Reminiscences about square dancing and tales about traditional craftsmen who created useful items in the old-time ways. There are lessons on how to make rose beads and wooden caskets, and on how to find turtles in your local pond. Hear the voices of descendants of the Cherokee who lived in the region, and learn about what summer camp was like for generations of youngsters. Meet a rich assortment of Appalachian characters and listen to veterans recount their war experiences. Illustrated with photographs and drawings, Foxfire 12 is a rich trove of information and stories from the Southern Appalachian culture.

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