Our final podcast episode features a conversation with director, writer, producer, AND teacher Evelyn Pollard of Louisville, Kentucky. Evelyn works with diverse student groups to capture their stories and experiences through filmmaking. She has also been working a documentary highlighting the Cleveland Buckeyes – a Negro League baseball team who took home the championship in 1945. Join us as we speak with Evelyn about her work and experience as a creative storyteller on the cusp of Appalachia.


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About Evelyn
Evelyn Pollard-Gregory is a Cinematography and Video Production educator in Louisville, KY.  She earned her undergraduate film degree at the historical Alabama A & M University and is currently completing a masters program at Full Sail University.  As a director and editor, Evelyn’s experiences have allowed her to work with storytellers for the PBS American Portrait project, City of Canton, and others. Her passion for screenwriting led her to create scripts for State Educational Departments and other non-profits.  Her most recent experiences ignited her passion for creating film, and Evelyn is currently in production on her first feature documentary that has multiple IP’s attached.  She focuses on telling diverse stories through multiple media platforms to reach a gamut of audiences, connecting generations.