Madison Whittle, a senior at Western Kentucky University, shares her work in User Experience and design this week as part of continuing miniseries on creatives in Appalachia as part of the Civic Imagination Incubator.


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About Madison
Madison Whittle is a senior at Western Kentucky University studying User Experience, Graphic Design, and Computer Animation. She is one of the first students to declare the User Experience BFA at WKU and continues to explore avenues in which she can utilize UX strategy and design outside of her program. Two of these avenues include her involvement in Imagewest and at the WKU Extended Reality (XR) Research Lab. Imagewest is an award-winning, student-based advertising agency located on Western’s campus in which Madison has served as assistant manager for the past 3 semesters. Here, she is responsible for overseeing account executives and designing websites for local clients. In the XR lab, she uses UX principles to create foundational research and strategy for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality systems. Additionally, she has produced the lab’s branding, social/digital media, website, and printed materials.  Madison’s most recent project took her to the United Kingdom, where she tracked user engagement in London’s top museums. In order to gather this information, she and two colleagues developed a mobile app called Muser that awards badges based on the duration and location of the user(s).