We are continuing our mini series on the Civic Imagination Incubator! Join us as we sit down with sci-fi author and storyteller Clinton W. Waters. They share with us their vision for a utopic Kentucky known as the Commonwealth.

About Clint
Clinton W. Waters was born and raised in Bowling Green, KY. They are a graduate of Western Kentucky University with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and the co-founder/lead writer for Sundog Comics.  Waters writes science fiction and fantasy stories, focusing on LGBTQIA+ themes and representation within fictional worlds, and has self-published six books to date. Their major creative inspirations are “The Twilight Zone”, “Black Mirror”, and the works of Ray Bradbury.  Through events and personal interactions, Waters hopes to foster creativity and acceptance for anyone with the desire to write.

Visit Clinton’s website: https://www.cwwwriting.com/