In order to provide more opportunities for high-school-aged students in Rabun County, Foxfire is altering its long-running magazine program. After much discussion within our organization and with our community partners (current Foxfire students, advisors, the local public school system, our community members, and governing board) we are moving the magazine program from Rabun County High School and are replacing it with the Foxfire Fellowship Program.

The Foxfire Fellowship Program will be an eight-week, intensive fellowship for up 10 high-school-aged students living in Rabun County, with extracurricular projects throughout the academic year. The program will offer instruction and experiential learning opportunities that academically challenges its students. Additionally, the program will work to encourage and promote post-secondary education and post-secondary vocation options. Admission to the program will be limited to all permanent Rabun County residents, aged 14-18, who are incoming freshmen to incoming seniors in public, private, or homeschool environments.

The focus of the program’s curriculum will be the documentation of Southern Appalachian culture, contributing to the development of The Foxfire Magazine, with additional opportunities for students to pursue other interests related to Foxfire’s mission and guiding principles. Among those additional opportunities is a capstone project in which each student will choose a heritage skill such as blacksmithing, weaving, or woodworking at which she or he will apprentice and work towards a final product to present to the community. 

Students participating in this program will be expected to participate a minimum of 32 hours/maximum of 40 hours per week of the eight-week program. Students will receive a stipend of $8/hour for their work. Students will also be required to complete 30 hours of service per academic semester for the organization. Those service hours are unpaid.

The program will be overseen by Foxfire’s Educational Outreach Coordinator, its Executive Director, and two faculty advisors and will include field trips and other amazing learning moments for students. To apply, pick up an application HERE and submit to by May 20th, 2018!