This year, Foxfire launched it’s first series of classes on how to cook with a wood-fired stove. These workshops are held in the Phillips Cabin, a log structure originally built around 1860 and renovated in 2017. Last summer, the museum received a donation of a 1931 Home Comfort stove, in full working order. Students who participate in the class have the opportunity to cook on the stovetop and bake in the oven, all while exploring Appalachian foodways and flavors. Then, of course, they get to eat the meal they made!

1931 Home Comfort Wood Cook Stove

Our students have come from around Georgia and even Tennessee! Each has their own varied experiences cooking, but everyone has a love of cornbread, biscuits, and other foods we identify with Appalachia. They’ve all come with a genuine interest in learning more about cooking with a wood-fired stove, and some have their own at home that they plan to start using.

A workshop participant mixes up buttermilk cornbread.

The workshops have been full of camaraderie, memory sharing, and good eating. We are grateful for all the folks who’ve joined our classes thus far and look forward to welcoming many more! If you’re interested in taking a wood stove cooking class – or another heritage skill class at the museum – check out our offerings at

Workshop students about to enjoy their meal.