Echoes – the 45th Anniversary Companion CD


The Foxfire 45th Anniversary Book features a section titled “Echoes,” containing interviews with a dozen different Southern Appalachian gospel and bluegrass musicians. Book editor Joyce Green, a talented gospel singer herself, brought her love of music to this section personally, as well as to the rest of the new book. But, she also knew that printed words couldn’t really convey the beauty and power of this timeless music she deems “as pure as the maple wood from which an instrument had been precisely shaped and molded.” To give readers of the book the true experience of “mountain music filling the air,” she asked each of the musicians/groups interviewed for a single song to be included on a companion audio CD to be offered alongside the book. Each of the musicians graciously agreed, and this compilation album of 12 tracks, available exclusively from Foxfire, is the result.

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