In honor of Black History Month, this February we are releasing a special four-part series that highlights African American experiences in Southern Appalachia. Our first week features conversations with Dr. Althea Webb of Berea College and Jessica Cushenberry, a young folklorist studying African American coal miners. Join us as we explore this important facet of Appalachian history, and discuss these communities in the present day.

Click here for Dr. Webb’s article on African Americans in Appalachia.

Looking for more resources? Check out some of these books:

Bickley, Ancella R. and Lynda Ann Ewen, eds. Memphis Tenneessee Garrison

Brown, Karida Gone Home

Wilkinson, Crystal Blackberries, Blackberries

Woodford, Ann Miller When All God’s Children Get Together

Poetical works by Frank X Walker

Turner, William H. and Edward J. Cabbell Blacks in Appalachia