Back in June, as part of their Summer Leadership program, the Foxfire students worked with Danielle McClennan of Scratch Made Media and got a crash course on short-form documentary film making using iMovie. Danielle taught the students the basics of sound, lighting, composition, shooting b-roll, and, finally, bringing everything together through the editing process. This Monday, the students again met with Danielle to finalize their edits and create their final product:

The film will be used as a recruitment tool for the program at Rabun County High School to attract new students and to demonstrate the newest facet of the program, short-form documentary film making. In the coming months, Danielle will return to Foxfire to work with the full Foxfire Magazine class and we look forward to seeing new films from the students this year. For that purpose, we’ve set up a Vimeo channel to share our videos and we will be using other outlets as well to feature future Foxfire productions.