As part of our efforts to enhance Foxfire’s connection to the public, We have been working with filmmaker Danielle McClennan on creating short documentary videos for the museum and its related programs. In the course of that work, Danielle has been filming a piece about weaving, specifically on a special loom that we discovered at our museum. It was during that period that Foxfire was also working with weaver Milissa Ellison Dewey and her husband, Alan, to repair the loom. The interviews with Milissa proved incredibly insightful, and, as a taste of what’s to come, Danielle put together this short.

Foxfire Films Presents Fiber Artist Milissa Ellison Dewey from Danielle McClennan on Vimeo.

Today and tomorrow, Danielle will be working with our Foxfire students on the fundamentals of short-form documentary filmmaking. The goal is to give the students another platform with which to document Southern Appalachian culture.  The students have been very interested in exploring new mediums beyond the magazine, including film. We are very much looking forward to see what they come up with. Stay tuned for more from Danielle, the students, and Foxfire in the weeks and months to come.