We’ve got another trash tutorial for you! Toilet paper seems to be a hot topic these days, but what do you do with the roll when you finish? If you find yourself throwing away these little cardboard tubes, try out this quick project to make fire starters! Rather than turning your house upside down looking for scrap paper or old newspapers, these compact starters will get your fire going in no time–whether you’re lighting up the grill, a bonfire, or a wood stove! And the best part? They are completely made from household trash! In Appalachia, folks always kept fire starters on hand, except they used dried corncobs soaked in kerosene!

What you’ll need:

  • 1 toilet paper roll
  • A handful of dryer lint


Step One:

Dive into that trash can! Grab those toilet paper tubes and empty your lint trap (sounds gross, but we’re serious).


Step Two:

Stuff the lint into the toilet paper tube. Make sure it’s well-filled; this might take more lint than you thought.


Step Three:

Light it and start your fire! Make more and stock up, so that they’re ready to go for grilling season.