This quilt was donated to Foxfire by Aunt Arie Carpenter, which she called a “fishtail.” She made it around the time of World War I, when she was a young woman caring for her sick mother. Though all the quilt blocks are the same pattern, Aunt Arie varied the stitching for each block, creating a beautifully detailed back. Each corner block was stitched in elbow fashion, with simple right angles, but the other blocks varies. Two edges are also done in the elbow pattern, but the long edges of the quilt alternate diagonal and vertical stripes. The center block stitching outlines the quilt pieces, but with small variations among each. This quilt demonstrates a high level of craftmanship, and the talent and vision of Aunt Arie.


A fishtail-style quilt made of various cotton fabrics. The pattern is composed of colored triangles arranged in a chevron style. The quilt is made up of 20 blocks, each of the same pattern but of different fabrics. Each sash is of a blue calico. The quilt backing is an ecru cotton, possibly discolored with age.  All quilting is done by hand but borders are machine-stitched. Four blocks on each end are quilted with alternating elbow patterns. Three blocks on each of the opposite ends are quilted with alternating diagonal (2) and straight (1) patterns. The six center blocks have unique designs that follow the fishtail pattern. See Foxfire 9 for more information.