Annual Appeal Campaign 2021 – 2022

Your support is essential to the continuation of Foxfire’s mission!  Give to our annual appeal campaign this year and help us expand our reach in the community.

The Story

Over fifty years ago, a group of high school students decided to take charge of their learning and worked together to produce a magazine, highlighting their own creative work and the culture around them. This quickly grew into a decades-long project, rooted in the community and classroom. Your donation continues this tradition today, helping to empower local high school students in Rabun County to share their voices beyond the classroom and preserving Appalachian culture for all.

The Legacy

As we approach the giving season, help us raise $60,000 for our Annual Campaign. These funds are crucial to the success and reach of Foxfire. Help us continue our mission of preserving the rich and diverse history of Appalachia and engaging both students and the community in a shared celebration of our stories.

Being able to work here all these years is one of the best experiences that I’ve ever had in my life. Foxfire is so crucial to the preservation of Appalachian traditions and stories.

Sarah A., Foxfire Student 2018 - 2021