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The Foxfire Book of Simple Living, Celebrating 50 Years

Price: $19.95

The Foxfire Book of Simple Living is both a look back at

bygone days and a look forward and celebration of all that

remains. The book explores five decades of collected wis-

dom, as well as introducing the artists and craftsman who

are working to preserve the Appalachian tradition for future

generations. The book explores how times have changed in

the past fifty years in Appalachia and how, what was once

done for necessity, is now done for pleasure. From how life

is lived to arts and crafts, this book looks at the past and

present, at changes and at sameness, and at what Foxfire has

learned, as well as more affairs of plain living. We hear

from doll and soap makers who continue to use and adapt

the time-tested methods outlined in The Foxfire Book, not to

mention hunters, blacksmiths, musicians, and carpenters

whose respect for those who preceded them enhances their

own art. We see how the mountain community has respond-

ed to the films, books, and plays that have tried (and some-

times failed) to represent them. And, above all, by listening

to the voices of those who came before, we celebrate the

people who have preserved the stories, crafts, and customs

that define life in the Appalachian mountain region.
This book is a must have for every Foxfire fan.

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