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Woodstove Cookery


Gateway Cabin

Corn Shuckin'



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School Days




New Shoes



45 Years

Peek at 45th Book

Farm Families

Winter Remedies


Appalchian Faith

Playing In Mud

WWI Horse Tale

Boogers & Haints

Apple Cider

First Wood Carver

WPA in Rabun

Grits Explained


Huntin' Season

Aunt Arie Memory

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2014 Event Schedule

Sept. 27

10th Annual
Museum Day

The Foxfire Museum & Heritage Center will open its doors free of charge along with over 1,100 other participating venues for the tenth annual Museum Day Live! This immensely successful program, during which similar museums and cultural institutions across the country will emulate the free admission policy of the Smithsonian ’s Washington, D.C.-based facilities, encourages learning and the spread of knowledge nationwide, fulfilling Smithsonian Media’s mission to make cultural education accessible to everyone. Last year’s event drew over 400,000 museum-goers, and this year’s Museum Day Live! is expected to attract record-high numbers once again.

The Museum Day Live! ticket and more information about the offer, including other participating venues, is available at SmithsonianMag.com/museumday. Visitors who present the Museum Day Live! ticket at the Foxfire Museum on Saturday, September 27 only, will gain free entrance for two adults to the Museum's walking tour trail, which winds through reconstructed log cabins and various artifact displays on the slopes of beautiful Black Rock Mountain in Mountain City, GA.

About Smithsonian Media
Smithsonian Media is comprised of its flagship publication, Smithsonian magazine, as well as Air & Space, goSmithsonian, Smithsonian Media Digital Network, and the Smithsonian Channel. Smithsonian Media is a division of Smithsonian Enterprises, the revenue-generating business unit of the Smithsonian Institution. The Smithsonian Institution is the world's largest museum and research complex consisting of 19 museums and galleries, the National Zoological Park and nine research facilities. Approximately 30 million people from around the world visit the museums annually.




Please join us for our annual celebration of Southern Appalachian
heritage, music, and FUN at the Foxfire Mountaineer Festival on
Saturday, October 4, at the Rabun County Civic Center in Clayton, GA.

Information on this year's event, as plans are confirmed, will be available at

"Foxfire" is Finally Back at Foxfire!

On December 13, 1987, the CBS network aired the Hallmark Hall of Fame production of "Foxfire," starring Jessica Tandy, Hume Cronyn, and John Denver. This movie, and the Broadway play of the same name that came before it, were based on material in The Foxfire Book, and the central character, Annie Nations, was directly inspired by beloved Foxfire contact Aunt Arie Carpenter.

The movie was filmed entirely on location in Rabun County, GA, and Highlands, NC. Years ago, the Foxfire Museum’s gift shop carried the movie on VHS tape, and visitors have often asked for it often over the years, but, since the dawn of the DVD era, the movie has been contractually restricted to certain Hallmark stores. Over the last few years, though, Hallmark Hall of Fame has worked to renegotiate these restrictions, and they are now able to allow us to carry "Foxfire" in the Museum gift shop again!

Please join us in a heartfelt "Thank You!" for the Hallmark Hall of Fame folks, and if you haven't seen this incredible movie, read more about it and order your copy now!

This mailbox is an original prop used in the movie that was given to Foxfire after production was completed.
It is currently on display in the Bungalow, the last cabin at the end of the Museum's self-guided walking tour.

Latest Foxfire Book Commemorates 45 Years

In 1966, a group of high school students chose to produce a magazine filled with their own writing as a way to make learning their English coursework more engaging. For inspiration, many of them turned to their elders in Rabun County, GA, and surrounding communities and began gathering stories of life in pre-electricity, pre-automobile Southern Appalachia. Their work struck a chord as the students' writing tore away the "hillbilly" stereotype and revealed lesser-known traits of the Southern Appalachian people—stalwart families with steadfast beliefs, deeply-ingrained appreciation of beauty in simple things, and exceptionally keen powers of observation. 45 years later, through numerous obstacles and several generations of leadership, this classroom project known as The Foxfire Magazine has endured, much like the people who settled this mountainous land so long ago.

The Foxfire 45th Anniversary Book: Singin', Praisin', Raisin' celebrates 45 years of local students collecting and preserving the heritage of Southern Appalachia. The book’s first song-themed section, “A Beautiful Life,” features thoughtful and touching stories from new, colorful regional personalities. “Knoxville Girl” and “Barbara Allen” relate intriguing tales and legends of relatively-rare notable crimes and various spooky happenings. “Echoes” contains encouraging life stories about gospel, bluegrass, and faith from several traditional musicians. “Daddy Was a Farmer” relives the days of Rabun Gap–Nacoochee School’s storied Farm Family Program through the memories of those who acquired both sustenance and education while working the land around the school. “With His Own Two Hands” closes the book with a selection of how-to articles ranging from building a versatile farming sled to constructing basic woodworking tools and braiding a leather bullwhip.

The section of Singin', Praisin', Raisin' titled "Echoes" features interviews with a dozen different Southern Appalachian gospel and bluegrass musicians. Book editor Joyce Green, a talented gospel singer herself, brought her love of music to this section personally, as well as to the rest of the new book, but she also knew that printed words couldn't really convey the beauty and power of this timeless music she deems "as pure as the maple wood from which an instrument had been precisely shaped and molded." To give readers of the book the complete experience of "mountain music filling the air," Joyce asked each of the musicians/groups interviewed for a single song to be included on a companion audio CD to be offered alongside the book. Curtis Blackwell, Josh Crowe, David Holt, LV & Mary Mathis, Mountain Faith, The Primitive Quartet, George Reynolds, The Foxfire Boys, Morris Stancil & Greg Stancil, Dale Tilley, Gary Waldrep, and Young Harmony graciously agreed, and the resulting compilation of 12 tracks, also titled "Echoes," is available exclusively from Foxfire.

Contact Us or call 706-746-5828 for more information about these 45th Anniversary releases, or visit Our Shop to listen to sample clips from Echoes or to purchase the CD along with Singin', Praisin', Raisin' today.

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