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Foxfire's Winemaking

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A unique title in the Foxfire library, Winemaking contains stories from over 25 Foxfire contacts, informative sections on winemaking equipment, ingredients, and procedures, and over 30 unique recipes for wines and juices—including blackberry, corncob, dandelion, elderberry, and rhubarb wines, along with many traditional grape wine recipes. There are other, more diverse recipes here, too—like mead and persimmon beer, among others.

from the 1987 introduction by student editor Kelly Shropshire:

We first became interested in winemaking during preparation of The Foxfire Book of Appalachian Cookery. We began learning of mountain people who still made their own wines at home from the fruit they had grown themselves. Over and over again, the subject came up. Finally, it dawned on us that after twenty years of researching and recording the Appalachian heritage, here was something we’d never done before—a documentation of winemaking in the southern Appalachian mountains. Toting tape recorders and cameras, we set out on our interviews and were amazed at what we discovered—and we usually found ourselves directly involved in the winemaking process. We gathered grapes for Bill Park, crushed blackberries for Harry Pitts, and gutted a pumpkin for Effie Lord. We found that the various types of wine were endless—as John Bulgin puts it, “You can make wine out of anything but a rock.”

Now, we offer to you our finished product.

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