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Foxfire 3

Price: $19.95
This third volume celebrates the lively and homespun heritage of Appalachia, featuring sections on animal care, banjos & dulcimers, hide tanning, summer and fall wild plant foods, cornshuck mops, butter churns, apple butter, building a lumber kiln, and ginseng.

Table of Contents:
Simmie Free

Hide Tanning

Cattle Raising

Animal Care
Banjos and Dulcimers

Purple Martin Gourds

Dipper Gourds
Florence and Lawton Brooks

Summer and Fall Wild Plant Foods

Woodrow Shope Builds a Smokehouse

Building a Lumber Kiln
Butter Churns
Beulah Perry
Apple Butter
Brooms and Brushes
Cornshuck Mops, Dolls and Hats

Aunt Nora Garland

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